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036109119P 5516XS CT957 Heat Resistant Car / Auto Drive Belts , industrial drive

036109119P 5516XS CT957 Heat Resistant Car / Auto Drive Belts , industrial drive

Place of Origin : Ningbo
Brand Name : Yilisi
Certification : ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2002
Model Number : 58S8M17
MOQ : 100 Pcs
Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Packing in Bunch or Individual Packing
Delivery Time : 7-35 Days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability : 4,000,000/Year
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036109119P 5516XS CT957 Heat Resistant Car / Auto Drive Belts , industrial drive belts



55ZA13, 110ZA18, 120ZA18, 121ZA18, 124ZA18, 54ZA19, 69ZA19, 80ZA19, 84ZA19, 88ZA19,

89ZA19, 90ZA19, 91ZA19, 92ZA19, 93ZA19, 94ZA19, 95ZA19, 98ZA19, 102ZA19, 106ZA19,

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55ZBS13, 117ZBS15, 76ZBS19, 83ZBS19, 92ZBS19, 101ZBS19, 117ZBS19, 120ZBS19,

122ZBS19, 137ZBS19, 117ZBS25, 163ZBS25, 149ZBS30, 119ZBS32


76RU16, 101RU17, 89RU19, 92RU19, 95RU19, 97RU19, 122RU19, 122RU20, 110RU21,

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Except these we also supply ZB ZAS SHP SHPN SHX SX MYB RS STDN P8SD SHDS RHD etc.

Feature of Auto Drive Belts:

*It may solve the problem such as low transmission efficiency and lubrication oil required under the status of high speed when using the chain,distance limit between the drive part and the slave drive part when using the gear

*Glass fiber as tensile member,no elongation if rubber belt.

*Excellent hear-resistance,oil-proof,and wearing resistance

*Higher transmission efficiency can be guaranteed under the condition of large change of operation speed and temperature

Competitive Advantage:

Quick Delivery Time

Wide Range Models


AUDI A2 (8Z0)1.6 FSI 02.00-08.05

AUDI A2 (8Z0)1.4 05.02-08.05

SEAT ALTEA(5P1)1.4 16V 05.06

SEAT ALTEA(5P5)1.4 16V 10.06

SEAT AROSA(6H)1.4 16V 01.00-06.04

SEAT CORDOBA(6K2/C2)1.4 i 16V 09.96-06.99

SEAT CORDOBA(6L2)1.4 16V 05.06

SEAT CORDOBA(6L2)1.4 16V 09.02

SEAT CORDOBA(6L2)1.4 16V 10.02

SEAT CORDOBA Schraqheck(6K2) 1 02.00-10.02

SEAT CORDOBA Schraqheck(6K2) 1 05.00-10.02

SEAT CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.4 16V 06.99-12.02

SEAT IBIZA || (6K1) 1.4 i 16V 09.96-08.99

SEAT IBIZA |||(6K1)1.4 16V 08.99-02.02

SEAT IBIZA |||(6K1)1.4 16V 08.99-02.02

SEAT IBIZA |V(6L1)1.4 16V 02.02

SEAT IBIZA |V(6L1)1.4 16V 02.02-12.07

SEAT IBIZA |V(6L2)1.4 16V 05.06

SEAT IBIZA V (6J5)1.4 03.08


SEAT IBIZA V ST (6J8)1.4 03.10

SEAT INCA(6K9)1.4 16V 04.00-06.03

SEAT LEON (1M1)1.4 16V 11..99-06.06

SEAT LEON (1M1)1.6 16V 09.00-06.06

SEAT LEON (1P1)1.4 16V 06.06

SEAT TOLEDO|| (1M2)1.4 16V 07.99-05.06

SEAT TOLEDO || (1M2)1.4 16V 09.00-05.06

SKODA FABIA (6Y2) 1.4 16V 12.99-03.08

SKODA FABIA (6Y2)1.4 16V 12.99-03.08

SKODA FABIA 1.4 01.07

SKODA FABIA Combi(6Y5)1.4 16V 04.00-12.07

SKODA FABIA Combi(6Y5)1.4 16V 04.06-12.07

SKODA FABIA Combi(6Y5)1.4 16V 05.00-12.07

SKODA FABIA Combi1.4 10.07

SKODA FABIA Stufenheck(6Y3)1.4 1 04.06-12.07

SKODA FABIA Stufenheck(6Y3)1.4 1 12.99-12.07

SKODA FABIA Stufenheck(6Y3) 1.4 1 10.99-12.07

SKODA OCTAVIA (1U2)1.4 16V 09.00

SKODA OCTAVIA (1Z3)1.4 06.04

SKODA OCTAVIA (1Z3)1.4 05.04

SKODA OCTAVIA Combi(1U5)1.4 16 08.00

SKODA OCTAVIA ComBI (1Z5)1.4 05.06



VW BORA(1J2)1.4 16V 03.00-05.06

VW BORA(1J2)1.6 16V 05.00-05.05

VW BORA(1J2) 1.6 FSI 01.02-05.06

VW BORA Kombi(1J6)1.4 16V 09.01-05.05

VW BORA Kombi(1J6)1.6 16V 02.00-05.05

VW BORA Kombi(1J6)1.6 FSI 01.02-05.06

VW CADDY || Kasten(9K9A)1.4 08.00-01.04

VW CADDY || Kombi(9K9B)1.4 16V 08.00-01.04

VW CADDY ||| Kasten(2KA,2KH)1.4 03.04

VW CADDY ||| Kasten (2KA,2KH)1.4 05.06

VW CADDY ||| Kombi(2KB,2KJ)1.4 03.04

VW CADDY ||| Kombi(2KB,2KB)1.4 1 05.06

VW GOLF |V (1J1)1.4 16V 08.97-06.05

VW GOLF |V (1J1)1.6 16V 02.00-06.05

VW GOLF |V(1J1)1.6 FSI 01.02-06.05

VW GOLF |V Variant(1J5)1.4 16V 05.99-06.06

VW GOLF |V Variant(1J5)1.6 16V 02.00-06.06

VW GOLF |V Variant(1J5)1.6 FSI 01.02-06.06

VW GOLF |V PLUS(5M1,521)1.4 16V 01.05

VW GOLF |V PLUS(5M1,521)1.4 16V 01.05

VW GOLF V (1K1)1.4 16V 05.06

VW GOLF V(1K1)1.4 16V 10.03

VW GOLF V Variant (1K5)1.4 06.07

VW GOLF V|(5K1)1.4 10.08

VW GOLF V| Variant(AJ5)1.4 07.09

VW LUPO(6X1,6E1)1.4 16V 08.99-07.05

VW LUPO(6X1,6E1)1.4 16V 09.99-07.05

VW LUPO(6X1,6E1)1.4 FSI 02.01-07.05

VW LUPO(6X1,6E1)1.6 GTI 09.00-07.06

VW NEW BEETLE(9C1,1C1)1.4 11.01

VW NEW BEETLE Cabrioler(1Y7)1.4 01.03

VW PARATI 1.0 08.02

VW POLO (6N1)120 1.6 16V GTL 09.98-10.99

VW POLO(6N2)1.4 16V 10.99-09.01

VW POLO(6N2)1.4 16V 10.99-09.01

VW POLO(6N2)1.6 16V GTI 10.99-09.01

VW POLO(6R_)1.4 06.09

VW POLO(9N_)1.4 16V 05.06

VW POLO(9N_)1.4 16V 10.01-05.08

VW POLO(9N_)1.4 16V 10.01-05.08

VW POLO CLASSIC (6KV2) 75 1.4 16' 10.99-09.01

VW POLO Stufenhenck 1.4 11.0

VW POLO Stufenheck 1.4 07.03

VW POLO Variant(6KV5)1.4 16V 10.99-09.01

OE Number:

AUDI: 036109119P

GATES: 5516XS AE: TB634 DAYCO: 941014 CONTITECH: CT957

Certificate: ISO/TS 16949:2009 ISO 9001:2000

Warranty: 60000 Km - 100000 Km

Product Tags:

automotive drive belts


automotive v belts


car drive belts

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036109119P 5516XS CT957 Heat Resistant Car / Auto Drive Belts , industrial drive Images

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